"I took a block of marble and chipped away all that was not David." - Michelangelo

SCL provides private communication coaching for executives and managers whose professional contribution and growth are limited by a skill gap, style conflict, or behavior issue. Our ultimate goal is to help the individual be the most effective version of themselves that they can be.

Typical focus areas include:
  • Communicating with clarity, coherence, relevance, and persuasiveness
  • Reading and adapting to others' styles
  • Effectively leading and motivating others

To achieve these goals,  we use a simple, successful model that begins with establishing clear performance objectives and ultimately uncovers the core values, beliefs, and thinking that shape behavior. This "outcomes first" perspective distinguishes SCL's coaching methodology and allows the coaching to be positioned explicitly against a business objective. It also serves as a measurement device for the sponsor, coach, and coachee to use to evaluate progress and results at defined periods in the coaching experience.

I have had a great experience working with SCL. I definitely have a connection with my coach and he understands fully the best way to engage to continue making progress.

- Chief of Staff, International Banking Company